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TRRS #0055 - Satellite Tracking on your Android PHone or Tablet

Today's show is a review of the program ISS Detector for the Android phones and tablets. It not only tracks the ISS but other satellites that are of interest to the ...

ISS International space station education app for iPad,iPhone - iOS and Android This educational app for iOS an Android offer international space station ...

Review: Satellite AR app Android OS

A quick review of the satellite AR app for android. Using the phone camera and augmented reality. It could be better by listing frequencies for the ISS or the ...

Review: Heavens Above app Android IOS

The Heavens above app for android IOS, where you can track satellites, the ISS or Iridium flares available on Android here: ...

Ipad Iphone ISS Spotter app review

Great app to spot the International space station in your night sky.

Heavens Above android app to track satellites for Android Tablets or phones

If you like tracking satellites for Radio listening and even for visual observations, check out this great android app.

Get Started with APRS for only $30!

UPDATE: Please click on the annotation to visit +SurvivalTech's video response on improving this design. I have received some criticism here in the comments ...

Introducing Satellite Safari

A 5-minute tour of Satellite Safari - our new app for finding and tracking satellites. Also the official app of the SkyCube mission, it will let you take pictures and ...

SSTV - ISS - Robot36 for Android - 13/04/2016

Decoding SSTV with mobile phone.

NOAA Android App (App Review)

Overview of what the NOAA Weather App for Android looks like.

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